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What you see up top is the old school version of Danger Mouse, complete with hamster assistant Penfold and rogues gallery. ‘Danger Mouse’ was a cartoon parody of cool figures like ‘Danger Man’ and ‘James Bond.’ He’d go on missions with his reluctant sidekick, and because he was a secret agent, he wore an eyepatch like Nick Fury. The British show was often very inconsistent, sometimes showing the characters as small animals living in a world of human scale. Other times, they’d be as tall as you and me. It was done on the cheap too. Remember how in ‘G.I. Joe’ you’d see repeated animations of trouble bubbles getting shot down, or Cobra officers jumping one poor Joe? DM over-did that. Still, for some reason it was a hugely popular cartoon and there were rumblings in 2013 about rebooting it. Look further for video proof in that pudding.

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Fooled ya! No, that’s not the new Danger Mouse. That’s Brian Burton – a music producer who adopted the name Danger Mouse for the stage. It’s a very unoriginal concept – taking an established moniker and usurping it for your own. He’s a member of a small club, which includes ‘2 Live Crew’s’ Luke (Skywalker) and The Wu-Tang Clan’s Masta Killa. Don’t mind him, he’s eating breakfast!

Here’s the real pic:


A little darker, more badass-y. Leaner and a slight change in the eyepatch. More confident and kinda looking for action. I appreciate this first evidence of a tonal shift. My opinion of that last series was that it reeked of buffoonery. Didn’t like it but I gave it my best shot. Back then, it was weird to hear British accents because in my hometown of Asbury Park, everybody looked and sounded the same. Once I got to New York and grew up a little, I started digging different languages and contrasting voices. Now, the question is, would I like the old show if I were to give it another chance? I think not. Because of the buffoonery. Penfold used to piss me off something crazy. He was a total toolbox. But I also promised to show you how DM will kinda sound, so here’s a video of his voice actor, TV host Alexander Armstrong. He’s on the left.

The show is supposed to initially run for 52 episodes. Stay tuned for a 2015 release date. Tell me how it works out because I don’t think I’ll be going in.

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