Season Three lurks around the corner for Mike Tyson’s Mysteries. This Sunday April 17th at 11:45 PM a new episode will air on Adult Swim. Anyone who watched the show in the past will understand why it earned a 82% Critic Rating and 95% Audience Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Mike Tyson stars on the show with a flamboyant ghost named Marquess of Queensberry (pronounced Marcus), his adopted Korean daughter, Yung He and the infamous, show stealing Pigeon voiced by Norm MacDonald. Crude and witty jokes play off of Mike Tyson’s straight man act to a high degree of adult comedy not seen since The Hangover. Last season the gang solved the mystery of how Pigeon (Richard) became a bird. Now we catch up to the gang entering a romance novel episode of “Lusty Cabins”. Check out the video below.


No one is really sure what is going on here. Even Mike Tyson interjects “What the F*** just happened?” Ah, a fresh mystery to solve for the gang and viewers. The low brow antics of Pigeon will definitely come into play. One can imagine how the warm pie will fit in to all of the jokes.

If you want to catch up on all the episodes before Sunday, head over to Adult Swim.

Normally, horrid TV shows such as Children’s Hospital and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! take up valuable air time while shows like Metalocalypse and The Boondocks go off air. For once Adult Swim took a gamble on this crazy idea and it paid off. Poor advertising for quality shows is mostly to blame along with an industry fetish for horrible Anti-Comedy. Instead of making a great video promoting all the quality gags in Mike Tyson’s Mysteries we get this non-ad which will have to do.

One piece of advice for those with children. This show is not for kids. Please do not let your kids watch this show. You have the option to change the channel. Some adults do qualify as children so please change the channel for them as well. Or better yet, tell them to leave the room and watch the show for yourself.

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