Mario is the Barbie of the video game world except without all the pink and no semblance of a genitalia stamped with “made in China”. Mario is purely “made in Japan”. In his past 25 years he’s done a lot.  He fights a giant lizard, eats mushrooms and enjoys more time with a princess then Prince William will get after his wedding, and that’s before he unclogs his toilet.

If you’ve been a member of the Nintendo generation for last 2 decades then you should know most of what makes Mario’s world go round, but they’re question boxes that have yet to be fist punched. What secrets do Mario and his cast of characters have hidden across the mushroom kingdom? What don’t you know?

Sonic is so jealous right now

It would have been16 facts but everyone already knows one night Mario results in a permanent limp, just ask Yoshi.

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