There is nothing quite like seeing what celebrities were like before they were stars.  Knowing that most of them had to take crappy jobs just to get by before landing their big break makes them much more relatable.  Spotting them with their kids in the park without makeup or a visible bodyhard is humanizing.  Seeing footage from the 90s surface showing a well known star acting far out of his typecast, on the hand, is priceless.  Even more so when he is acting as goofy as he’s dressed.  Who is this star, you ask?  None other than Vin Diesel, star of the Fast and Furious franchise.  In this video, which is currently taking the internet by storm (and for good reason), we see Diesel working a 1994 toy fair selling the Street Sharks toyline.  You don’t remember the the 90s cartoon?  No one does.  But you’re not likely to forget this anytime soon.

Street Sharks was a cartoon series that ran from 1994 until 1997 featuring half-man, half-sharks that fought crime.  Apparently, back when Diesel was just another guy trying to make a break, and still with all the hair on his head, he took a gig selling the toys at a 1994 toy fair.  And he takes to it with such charisma and panache it’s hard not to root for him.  Or it would be, if you weren’t laughing so hard.

Oh, the hilarity.  He sounds the same, and those familiar muscles are rippling, but otherwise it’s hard to reckon this guy with the calm, cool, and collected one made famous by the Fast and Furious franchise.  Who would have ever thought you’d get the chance to hear him yell “HAND SHARK!” with all the sound effects and Rocky Balboa action?  Thank you, Internet, you never fail to brighten up an otherwise boring day.

In case you’re wondering about Boomer, Sledge, and Ripster, here is the theme from the original 90’s show.  Not quite as good as seeing Vin sell their merch and, let’s be real, himself.  But it’ll do.

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