Two big casting announcements were made today for major characters in The Hobbit, which is currently filming in New Zealand.

Deadline has just reported that Luke Evans has been cast for the role of Bard The Bowman, the heir of the King Girion of Dale.  He becomes known as “the grim” because he hangs out with a bunch of dead people all the time because he’s a morose son of a bitch.  Perhaps he’ll have more expression in his grim face than Orlando Bloom has, well, fuckin’ ever.  They do look eerily similar, don’t you think?  Evans isn’t all that well known just yet, but this is only one of a slew of starring roles for the Welsh actor, including Aramis in The Three Musketeers..

According to Slash FilmBenedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) has been cast as the voice for Smaug, the talking dragon who hangs out on a huge pile of Dwarven gold and is eventually slain by Bard The Bowman.  See what they did thar?  No shit, Sherlock!  (Hah, see what I did thar?)  He let it slip some time ago that he would be appearing in The Hobbit, but it wasn’t announced until today that he would be voicing Smaug.

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