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As we all know (and by “we,” I mean “someone who chose a more lucrative career path than I did”), having a bunch of money just lying around can be a bitch.

Well, you may as well put that extra money toward something practical, right? Here’s just the thing: an eBay auction for a custom-made, street-legal Lightcycle like the ones that will be seen in the upcoming Tron: Legacy movie.

Parker Brothers Choppers, the same cats who made the kickass Batpod replica, decided to ratchet things up a bit by making this movie replica cycle street-legal. The Lightcycle will include “either a gas-powered or an high-output electric motor as well as a complete carbon fiber/fiberglass body and LED neons throughout. Additional upgrades are available upon request at an additional charge.” And you get a Tron-style helmet, too, though it’s not DOT-approved. But dude, it’s a frickin Lightcycle.

They’re only building five, though, so don’t dick around. It’s first-come, first-served. The starting price is $35,000, which to me seems a pittance for an awesome bike.

Seriously. Imagine tooling over to Wawa or 7-Eleven on one of these. People will not screw with you, especially if you make a habit of carrying around a Frisbee with LEDs on it.

(via Geekologie)

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