Wading through the critcism of the 2016 sort-of-remake-sort-of-reboot-not-really-sequel to Ghostbusters is the kind of project that takes a real pro to tackle head on. Especially if you want it done right. Between the people who refuse to embrace change and the stuff that is purely sexist vitriol, it has become a herculean feat to figure out what people genuinely like or dislike about the movie when they sit down to watch it and critique it in its own right. That is, when people manage to find it in themselves to ignore the drama.

Thankfully, that is what we have Honest Trailers for – to sit through the movies we can’t bring ourselves to face and let us know all the reasons we’re better off for leaving it alone. Today, they took on Ghostbusters.

They started by acknowledging that the hate flung at the new movie even when it was just a single trailer old was hugely unnecessary, that people spent so much time and energy hating it for stupid reasons that they burnt themselves out before they could see what was really wrong with it. And then they really got stuck in.

There was plenty of stuff for them to work with – from the uncertainty about how this new movie relates to the original, through the clumsy character archetypes that clash when put so close together, to the general sense that the movie just didn’t know what it was doing.

All in all, the Honest Trailers guys summed up all the problems with both the movie and the movie’s attackers in an accurate, succinct and – above all – hilarious video.

The one downside, to the opinionated masses of the internet, is that they have disabled the comments because, frankly, after the crapstorm that almost every online discussion about this movie has devolved into, why wouldn’t they?

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