With Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 inching ever closer with every passing minute, tension is getting high and fans are falling over themselves to get involved in the pre-movie hype. Despite being one of the superhero movies that doesn’t go out of its way to blatantly sell merchandise, it would be a foolish idea on the part of the studio not to give us something. Being targeted more towards adults than kids, though, the merch they do come up with has to be of a far superior quality than the tat you can get away with giving to children.

Hot Toys has now revealed their contribution to the Guardians collectibles in the form of a life sized figure of Baby Groot and it does not disappoint.

Standing at a full height of around 26cm, the figure it designed to be accurate to the movie in every aspect, with fine detail on his bark and delicate vines wearing in and out of his little body.

Even the undersides of his feet are carefully designed to accurately recreate the look of his bulky, root-like toes.

The figure comes with three interchangeable faces so you can have him looking happy, determined or curious – but always adorable, and all three painstakingly hand painted to create these realistic and incredibly detailed expressions.

He also has two different pairs of hands. One pair is relaxed, in the shape of a human hand, with tiny fingers. The other shows Groot in the heat of the moment, extending his appendages into long weapons.

For all the intricate detail that has evidently gone into carving and painting the fine lines on Baby Groot’s body, just as much effort has gone into creating him an authentic Ravagers jumpsuit.

If you can resist the temptation to carry this cutie around on your shoulder, he also comes with a display stand emblazoned with the franchise logo and a nameplate.

He’s not only customisable, but also hinged in various places on his body to make it easy to position him into whatever pose you like.

The amazing attention to detail that has gone into this figure takes toy making to a whole new level and will likely set you back a pretty penny – but it’ll be worth every bit. The price has not yet been announced because, according to the disclaimers on the Hot Toys website, “Prototype shown is not final, pending licensor approval”.

The figure in its finished form is due to be released in 2018 and, if it ends up as cute as it looks in the prototype shots, it’s almost certain to be one of the franchise’s biggest sellers.

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