After Christopher Nolan nailed it both financially and critically with Batman Begins in 2005, Warner Brothers started looking to expand that success and make more superhero movies based on the DC comic book stable. George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road) was brought in to put together a team superhero movie, Justice League: Mortal. Well, since you’ve never seen Justice League: Mortal something, or combination of things happened, and the whole thing fell through, never to be made. The production had already done some interesting casting that featured Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Martian Manhunter, the Flash, and others. Thanks to photographer Mark Rogers, now we’ve got a look at what George Miller’s Wonder Woman would have looked like. How does it stack up against Zach Snyder‘s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman?


Imagine it, the screen filled with DC superheros: Batman (Armie Hammer), The Flash (Adam Brody), Superman (D.J. Cotrona), Wonder Woman (Megan Gale), Aquaman (Santiago Cabrera), Martian Manhunter (Hugh Keays-Byrne), Talia Al Ghul (Teresa Palmer), Maxwell Lord (Jay Baruchel), John Stewart/Green Lantern (Common), Wally West (Anton Yelchin), Iris West (Zoe Kazan), and Alfred Pennyworth (Stephen Tobolowsky).

This production was this close to start filming when Warner Brothers pulled the plug. They just didn’t pull the plug, they killed it with a vengeance. Some of the concept art and the script have made their way onto the Internet, along with some of the actors descriptions of their costumes, but now we’ve got an interesting look at Magan Gale in full Wonder Woman costume. Here’s the pictures recently released.



Those are not bad. In fact Megan Gale looks fantastic. That blue skirt is exactly what a lot of fans have been photo-shopping onto Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman costume.


I like Gadot’s costume’s look, but it needs some color and that blue skirt would really do the trick.


Oh yeah, that’s much better. Let’s get back to Megan Gale, the main issue most fans would have with her Wonder Woman is her lack of acting experience. She’s got the look, but does she have the acting chops to pull it off? Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, Gal Gadot has had the opposite issue with vocal die-hard fans. The majority of the complaints about Gadot have been about her body type and not questioning her acting ability.

I think they both look fantastic. Wonder Woman doesn’t have to be muscular to look the part. Wonder Woman is strong because of her Amazonian genetics, in other words she’d be incredibly stronger than another woman of the same physical stature because of her Amazonian genes. Think of it this way, you’ve got a pound of feathers and a pound of lead both weigh the same, but that lead is gonna hurt more when it thrown at you… those feathers not so much.

What so you think of George Miller’s vision of Wonder Woman? Which do you like better?

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