The ‘Supergirl’ series is gradually picking up with the speed of a locomotive. They’ve cast the main character in the form of a bucket of water! Melissa Benoist. With that out of the way, there’s nothing more to do than hire a few supporting characters and whip together a pilot. But while we were all led to believe the series to be Superman-Lite, we’re now hearing that the connections to the Last Son Of Krypton will be very obvious. That’s a good thing, otherwise he’ll always be the elephant in the room to fans. You can’t just not talk about the guy in a Supergirl TV show. Got your characters, got your references, got your story. Now you just need a villain. In this case, a really goofy-ass villain. Read on.


Dude up there about to totally shatter his axe on what looks to be Wonder Woman’s back is named The Lumberjack, and he’ll be Supergirl’s criminal-of-the-week in the series pilot. And they want somebody like the Hound from ‘Game Of Thrones’ to play him. The specific thing to take from the following excerpt via TV Line author Matt Webb Mitovich’s report is the part where he says Lumberjack’s “a man, who has battled Kara’s cousin.”

“Kara Danvers née Zor-El will have her work cut out for her from the get-go, seeing as her adversary in the series pilot will be the DC Comics baddie Lumberjack. To that end, the CBS freshman is seeking a hulk akin to ‘Rory McCann, the 6-foot-6 actor from Game of Thrones’ [to] play this ‘big, burly monster of a man, who has battled Kara’s cousin’ — that’d be you-know-who — ‘in the past’ and shows up to ascertain her level of power, on behalf of an unseen superior.”

There’s that cousin connection I mentioned. So, good. Kal-El does in fact exist in Kara’s universe – just like he damn well should. But it could also just be Mitovich trying to look cool by announcing that he knows Kryptonian fight histories. It’s unlikely Supes will make any type of real appearance, though. If he did, it would be in a kind of Wilson from ‘Home Improvement’ sorta way where he’s there and out before you knew it, and with no clear shot of him. Either way…Lumberjack. Let’s talk about THAT bullshit, shall we?

First of all, if they keep his comics backstory, Lumberjack’s a Canadian assassin. That’s where ya lost me already. Canadians are way too nice for murders. But let’s say this guy missed the memo and give him the benefit of the doubt. His only published appearance was in 1980. It’s tough to be more obscure than ‘DP7’s’ Antibody, or even Evil Ernie, but Lumberjack’s up there, folks. I have to ask myself “If I was creating a Supergirl series and trying to sell it to a network, would I use a strangely weird nobody like the killer wood-cutter Wonder Woman beat up once 30 years ago?” YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I WOULD!

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Let me tell you why. This sounds fun. In fact, if they did the entire series with just such a tongue-in-cheek approach as this one, the Supergirl project could be a blast to watch. Let Arrow have his dark and brooding themes. Let the Flash keep teasing us with careful questions to huge answers. If they can make compelling stories wrapped around cool special effects and WTF characters every week, count me in. And as far as the Hound (Rory McCann) goes, sign him. He’s got time on his hands and I’d love to see him chop every fucking tree in this forest.

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