Today, there is no doubt that gamers rule the YouTube world.

Over the years, gamers have taken advantage of the fact that people who aspire to be Pro Gamers spend a lot of time on this video platform. Therefore, they upload their play-through and commentary videos, which has helped them build solid fan bases. Renowned gamers such as PewDiePie, The Willyrex, Markiplier, DanTDM, and Jacksepticeye have reached insane levels of popularity, with tens of millions of subscribers. Apart from having a huge following, they also make millions of bucks as a result.

With this in mind, you want to hop on this bandwagon and become one of the most celebrated gamers of all time.

Believe in yourself, work hard, have passion, and practice perseverance, there is no doubt that you will realize your dream in no time.

But there is one stumbling block that stands your way.

You are a student, and you cannot drop out along the way. You have to balance school and gaming. Considering that it’s your passion, you, of course, want to make some bucks out of it. How can you do this?

Here are tips that will help you create a balance between earning as a gamer and studying:

1.  Choose a quiet place to study

You have hundreds of shooting games on your laptop, a few consoles on your study table, a simulator at the far corner of your bedroom, and hundreds of games in your phone. With all these distractions that have the potential to generate revenue at your disposal, rest assured that you cannot concentrate on your studies.

Therefore, choose a quiet place where you can concentrate fully on your studies. You can go to the community library, or better still, you can go to another room within your premise, and remember not to carry your smartphone!

After you’ve done your studies for the day, go back to your room and do what you do best – gaming!

2. Limit your gaming time

Even the best YouTube gamers known don’t spend all their day gaming. They set a daily limit for themselves, and create time to concentrate on everything else!

Here is what you should do. Set a schedule and stick to it. Don’t spend all your time playing on PS4, remember that you have exams to prepare for, and homework to complete.

Devote some time to find great resources and add them to your academic arsenal. Instead of using your laptop or smartphone only for gaming, use them to get thesis ideas that will help you a great deal in your graduation journey.

3. Get help with your studies instead of gaming

Some people think that playing games to earn money is more important than their education. That is where they go wrong!

Remember, even if you do not need your studies to make a living, never underestimate its power.

Therefore, whenever you buy some gear that will help you advance your gaming skills, don’t forget to find a reliable academic service and order admission help, this will save you a lot of time and make your application process easier.

As you chat pro gamers in a bid to get tips and hacks on how to become a gaming success, remember to call your tutors and join online platforms that will help you in your quest for academic excellence.

4. Choose your games prudently

We cannot shun away from the fact that some games last longer than others. For this reason, when you have exams, concentrate only on those that you can complete faster and have time to focus on your studies. However, when your assignments become too difficult for you to comprehend, you can always get the help of the top writers at

5. Avoiding gaming addiction for better grades

If you are addicted to gaming, concentrating on school work can prove to be a vicious cycle. Therefore, you need to avoid it by following these steps:


  • Accept responsibility


The first step towards fighting gaming addiction is to understand that it lies within your mind and not the game itself. Accept that it exists in you so that you can proceed to the next step.


  • Analyze the impact


Have you asked yourself: How many hours do I spend playing games and making YouTube videos? What was the last time you completed your school assignments on time? When you identify these adverse impacts, you will be able to focus on positive things that will help you focus on your studies.


  • Stay positive, set limits, and find a solution!


Don’t blame yourself for your addiction. Accept that you have a problem, be confident that you will change for the better, and when you find out that the problem is easy for you to handle, you’ll understand how to find the balance.  When you do this, there is no reason why you cannot overcome addiction and strike a balance between gaming and studying.

6. Can you be a full-time gamer and still study?

Based on the information discussed above, it is evident that it is hard to concentrate on your gaming and still study. Therefore, your goal is to be a full-time gamer and excel in your studies. You can choose one or balance both!

Even though gaming pays well, it is wise to balance gaming and schooling. When you are through with your studies, you can decide to play full time and become one of the best YouTube gamers of all time or find yourself a job and build a career. Nonetheless, don’t dive too deep in gaming and remember that you have a life in the real world to live. Best of luck!

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