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News continues to trickle in from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, this time with tears flowing. Filming has officially wrapped for Kurt Russel on the blockbuster sequel and apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Russell has been enjoying a bit of a career revival appearing in 3 movies last year including Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed The Hateful Eight. The internet came alive when it was confirmed that the man who became Snake Plissken would be making an appearance in the sequel to one of Marvel’s biggest hits.

Director James Gunn announced this week that Russell had finished his part in Guardians 2 saying

“And that’s a wrap on Kurt Russell on #GOTGVol2. A true talent and pleasure in every way. I will admit to a small tear in my eye.”

Gunn made no bones about how happy he was to have Russell be a part of Guardians way back in February when casting was officially announced. He has been a long time fan of the actor, even stating that The Strongest Man in the World was his favorite childhood movie.

It seems that Russell did not disappoint either on set or as a person since Gunn went on to tell EW

 “It’s not often your heroes are as awesome in person as you believed they were as a kid. A wonderful guy and incredible actor in every way. And he was nice to my Mom, Dad, and dog. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Obviously James Gunn is over the moon with how Russell performed but he was not the only one. Chris Pratt, or StarLord himself also had some -swear- words to say

 “You’re not the only one cryin’. Kurt Russell is the f-ing best. I’m sorry for the language. But when I’m talking about how f-ingreat Kurt Russell is I have to swear.”

Pratt has been pretty open about his willingness to cry over this movie, just reading the script reportedly had him in tears as well. This emotional connection to the film along with tears over Russells last days on set could be clues that the story line will indeed delve into the father/son relationship of Peter Quill and his alien dad. There has been much speculation that we will meet Starlord’s father this time around and when Kurt Russell was announced fans leaped on the idea that he would indeed be cast in the role. As of yet we still have no idea what character Russell has finished shooting, but we can only hope that we will see him as Quill’s father. In the meantime we will have to hold on till the holidays to get a better glimpse of what the Guardians will be saving, or destroying, next time around. The first official trailer for the upcoming film is expected to drop between Thanksgiving and Christmas, while the film itself is set to release almost a full year from now, on May 5, 2017.

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