Huge News From The Walking Dead


We just got some pretty badass news from the world of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  They’re having a contest where if you go and fill out their form, they will give you a four day, three night trip to the location of the filming of season 2’s The Walking Dead.  While there, you’ll get to have a walk-on role for an episode.  Has it always been your dream to moan and try to eat brains in front of a live-studio audience?  Well, this wont fulfill that dream because there’s no audience, but don’t be a dick!  This is super awesome!

The sweepstakes runs from July 20th-Aug 15th and then there winner will be drawn at random.  So what are you waiting for?  Head on over and enter, because we wanna see you as the coolest zombie ever to grace the small screen for five seconds.  Let us know if you win, so we can talk about you!

Need your fix of zombies in the meantime?  Check out the following video that features you the set of the show.  It’s pretty fucking sweet. (There’s an ad first, deal with it.)


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