Responsible for the capture of Hannibal Lecter, FBI profiler Will Graham has the mildly disturbing ability to empathize with the serial killers he pursues. It’s difficult to for anyone to pull off that kind of a character, but it looks like NBC trusts Hugh Dancy enough to give him the badge.

Landing one of two highly contested roles for Bryan Fuller‘s Hannibal television, Dancy will play the title character. Veteran fans of the film adaptations Red Dragon and Manhunter are paying attention, they already know how it all turns out, but this is more of a “prequel” series for an audience looking to fill the void between CSI and CSI: New York. Isn’t it grand?

Updated to be a more modern telling on the character created by author Thomas Harris.  As part of the direct-to-series show- meaning it doesn’t even need a pilot for a season-  the 13 episode long season will follow Graham and his mentor, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, at the beginning of their friendship.

Spoiler Alert-: It’s weird.

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