Earlier today, Wolverine 3 director James Mangold shared the first official look at Hugh Jackman as Logan. The image revealed and older and hardened Logan with shorter hair, a beard, and noticeable scars on his face. Not to be one-upped by the director, Hugh Jackman himself also took to Twitter and gave fans an even better treat. Jackman unleashed a 6-second video teaser, with a simple post description stating “tomorrow”, clearly signaling the pending release of the highly anticipated full trailer for Logan

It’s a fast 6 seconds, but the tease shows a silhouette of Logan in a field with heavy winds and brooding music. A voiceover by Logan overtakes the scene, grumbling “Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And god made it last too long”.

What a cool looking shot. And, that dialogue? So bad-ass! Oh, yeah, this is clearly going to a heart-warming movie… not!

Mangold’s Logan is certainly hitting the right notes with its tone and gritty imagery. No quibbles or qualms about that, no sir! However, given the number of characters in this film – including but not limited to: an aged and feeble Professor X, Mister Sinister, Reavers, The Weapon X Program, and X-23 – it seems like there is a lot, in terms of story, that they’re balancing/playing with. With this being the 3rd and final Wolverine movie, there’s probably an underlying urge to go big and hard by the Studio and creatives. And this doesn’t call for that. Simple is better. Give this Nerd Bastards writer a Logan inspired version of Gran Torino, that’s what this franchise needs to end on.

While it hasn’t been confirmed exactly when the full trailer will arrive, the rumor from earlier today stated that the footage will likely arrive at 9 AM ET/6 AM PT.

The cast also includes Boyd Holbrook as the villainous Donald Pierce, along with Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle in unspecified roles. James Mangold directs from a script by David James Kelly and Michael Green, with 20th Century Fox setting a March 3, 2017 release date

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