Neatorama says it better then me;

Robotic Technology is developing a robot called EATR, which stands for Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot. It’s more than just an acronym. The machine will be able to go on long range and long distance missions and refuel itself by foraging and consuming “biomass” as well as conventional fuels. This biomass could theoretically include dead bodies.

So this is absolutely fuck’d up! Yes, it’s cool that this thing can consume biomass, but humans on the battle field???? When will it attack and eat humans alive? They say it will be able to differentiate between enemy and friendly soldiers. How? Is there going to be a moral dilemma about people not wanting loved ones used as “Fuel”?

Sorry World. AI is moving too quickly and judgment day is upon us….Not Religious….Terminator!! How long before these robots eat us when we don’t want them to?…They will get hungry…And they will come for us….For dinner.

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