The Twilight series is over and done with, awaiting only the fading of the latest film from theater marquees.  This is a great moment for many, but some out there simply can’t make it through a year without knowing they have some vampiric love stories to help them along.  Luckily for them, Warner Bros. and director Joe Carnahan are setting up to bring an adaptation of Undying Love to the big screen.

Undying Love is an Image Comics miniseries created by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman.  It follows the story of an ex-military guy that falls in love with a beautiful lady who (surprise!) just happens to be a vampire.  Furthermore, he has to then go kill the vamp that made her who (double surprise!) just happens to be one of the most powerful vampires ever.

Well, it’s not the deep and meaningful story that Twilight was, but it just might work.

There’s no release date on this one yet, so vampire romance junkies will have to wait a bit before getting another fix.  In the meantime, you always have your Twilight Blu-rays and fan-fiction to tide you over.


Thanks to /film for the warning.

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