Hydropolis, situated twenty metres below the surface of the Persian Gulf near Dubai, will be the first luxury underwater hotel. It’s expected to open to the public in late 2009.

One of the largest contemporary construction projects in the world [it’s the size of London’s Hyde Park], the 220 suite

“Dry Land is not a myth!! I’ve seen it!!!”

Seriously, this place is a Sci Fi futuroso’s dream. Cool looking, comtemporary, and completely brilliant innovative architecture. Should be fun, beautiful and a life changinging experience…

But I digress…Sorry.. Dubai? COME ON!!!! Thats the last Hotel I want Muslims to blow up on me! If the blast doesn’t kill me, the water flooding in will. Did anyone see Jaws 3-D? Or Deep Blue Sea? This is my nightmare, like being trapped in a submarine that doesn’t go anywhere. I’m surprised the Carribbean hasn’t built one yet.

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