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There is no way to show just how much we appreciate you, but we got something today that’s very close to doing just that.

So, let me ask you. How do you feel about Playstation 3 and Starz original series  Spartacus: Blood and Sand? We certainly hope you got good feelings for them, because we are giving them away FOR FREE! Yes, that’s right, FREE!

“What’s up”, you say? See our friends from Starz want us to spread the word on their critically acclaimed series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. The First season  is on DVD/Blu-Ray right now and they/we want it on every nerds DVD shelf.

And, if I must say, why wouldn’t they? Spartacus: Blood and Sand is awesome. It’s about  a wronged tribal leader (Spartacus) that must fight for his freedom in the arenas of Rome. It’s filled with backstabbing, plotting, cliques, chicks, jocks, fighting, sex, sex and yea did I say sex (Naked Lucy Lawless!)? It’s a ramped up, blood spraying, full front guilty pleasure, but I digress. The show speaks for itself. To celebrate the boobs, blood, mayhem and chiseled dudes in loin clothes (hey it gives the ladies a reason to watch) Starz has partnered with Nerdbastards. Together we are thanking fans and bringing awareness to those among you that missed out on the show that makes ‘300’ look like a Disney film, by providing the ULTIMATE GIVEAWAY!

We are giving away 3 killer prizes to 3 random, but equally lucky fans that spread the Spartacus gospel on Facebook or Twitter.

“What exactly are the prizes”? “What exactly do I need to do to win”?

Great questions. Here’s the deal:


A FREE (completely free), brand new Playstation 3 Gaming System along with a copy of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on Blu-Ray is our grand prize. Two sets of Spartacus: Blood and Sand on DVD to give to each of the runners up. There are two things you need to do to win. 1. You need to follow nerdbastards on either Twitter (@nerdbastards) or Facebook. 2. You need to tweet or make a wall update (on the NB facebook fan page ‘Spartacus, PS3 Giveaway’ thread ) saying “I Bleed. I Sweat. I Fight. I am a Fan of Spartacus: Blood and Sand“. Simple, right? This contest will run from now (11/12) until Sunday November 21st. You must follow us on Twitter or Facebook (either or) and say to us “I Bleed. I Sweat. I Fight. I am a Fan of Spartacus: Blood and Sand“. Contest is applicable to fans who already follow us on Facebook/Twitter (you just need tweet or make a wall update of the required fore mentioned phrase). Multiple tweets or wall updates are allowed (no limit, but don’t flood the feeds. Play nice.). Winners will be randomly chosen (so don’t go trying to bribe us with money or boobs. They are certainly welcomed, they just won’t increase your chances). Once winners are chosen (On 11/21/2010) the prizes will be mailed out (free of charge) and received before December 25th, 2010.

Got it? Now, what are you waiting for? Start spreading the Spartacus: Blood and Sand/ Nerdbastard love. DO IT NOW!

If you do not win this contest, but still want a another chance to win a DVD copy of ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’ you can try your luck on the Spartacus Facebook Fan Page, Trivia/ Caption Contest. There’s a winner for each contest week and a new one posted every Monday and Thursday.

If you are new to the show and If our description of ‘boobs, blood, mayhem and chiseled dudes in loin clothes’ didn’t sell you then let the trailer for Spartacus: Blood and Sand Season 1 speak for itself. CHECK IT OUT BELOW:

“SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND,” the most highly anticipated original series in the history of Starz Entertainment, premiered on January 22, 2010 and was an instant hit with viewers and critics. The Miami Herald called it “compulsively watchable,” while the Associated Press remarked that the series “grabs you with visual pizzazz.” Entertainment Weekly declared it “the not-at-all guilty pleasure of the season,” while US Weekly gave it “3.5 out of 4 stars.” With a renowned international cast including John Hannah (the Mummy films), Peter Mensah (300), Manu Bennett (30 Days of Night), Nick E. Tarabay (“Crash”) and Lucy Lawless (“Xena: Warrior Princess”), and a star-making turn by UK-born and Australia-based Andy Whitfield in the title role, “SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND” literally re-wrote the book for television series.

“SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND” was inspired by the actual slave of the Roman Republic, who in 73 BC led a slave revolt that grew to more than 120,000 fighters. Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus (Whitfield), a Thracian warrior captured by Romans, is enslaved into a gladiator training school owned by Batiatus (Hannah) and his wife Lucretia (Lawless). He is forced to fight daily for his life against deadly foes, under the brutal whip of trainer Doctore (Mensah). He is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment. But not all battles are fought upon the sands. Treachery, corruption and the allure of sensual pleasures will constantly test him and his masters.

Against all odds, Spartacus’ rebellious instincts, his intense love for his wife Sura (Erin Cummings) and his powerful fighting skills drive him to win a series of near-impossible battles – setting in motion a revolution against the tyranny of Rome. To survive, he must become more than a man, more than a gladiator. He must become a legend.

The legions of “SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND” fans who have been anticipating the second season, were excited to learn earlier this month that Starz will air a six-part prequel in early 2011 that tells the story of the gladiator school before Spartacus arrives. It will focus on Batiatus and Lucretia, as well as some new characters that will be introduced.

The bonus features on “SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND – The Complete First Season” are anything but spartan. Hours of featurettes, behind-the-scenes footage, audio commentaries, interviews, and outtakes will get the “thumbs up” from the casual Thracian to the die-hard Roman!

DVD and Blu-ray bonus features:

  • Featurettes:
    • Gladiator Camp
    • History Rewritten
    • Make-up Effects
    • The Hole
    • and more!
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Episodes with Enhanced Digital Effects
  • Behind-The-Scenes Footage
  • Bloopers
  • Trailers

Exclusive Blu-ray bonus feature:

  • Four “Directors’ Cut Extended Episodes” personally selected by Executive Producer Rob Tapert

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SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND – The Complete First Season DVD
Street Date: September 21, 2010
Run Time: 640 Minutes
SRP: $59.97
Format: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)
Audio: 5.1 Surround

SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND – The Complete First Season BLU-RAY
Street Date: September 21, 2010
Run Time: 640 Minutes
SRP: $79.97
Format: Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) 1080p
Audio: Dolby True HD 5.1

Order this title from Amazon.comSpartacus: Blood and Sand - The Complete 1st Season Blu-ray

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