If Pokemon Were More Realistic

We’ve seen countless videos parodying the obvious but unseen truth of Pokemon abuse (hunting of innocent and rare creatures, imprisoning them in tiny balls and making them fight each other on a daily basis), but this latest one from Cracked.com is perhaps the most shocking depiction. You’ll cry.. or maybe smile. Depends what kind of sick bastard you are.

If Pokemon Were More Realistic — powered by Cracked.com

OK, couple things wrong with this video. 1. The Pokeballs break the law of conversion of mass so it doesn’t work realistically. But maybe that’s the point. How would you feel after being crammed into 4×4 inch circle? 2. Ash would never put Pikachu in the Pokeball in the first place! He’s racist that way. For this video to be more “realistic” it should have shown Ash being arrested for animal cruelty and maybe truancy. Fucker never goes to school.

Regardless, poor Pikachu. His limp body and sad dying face being pulled back into the wind will haunt me.

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