Fans of The Lord of the Rings have always known that if they want to feel immersed in the surroundings and ambiance of the film, they can hope on a plane and make their way to New Zealand. But it seems that a group of European architects are not satisfied with a visit to the country ‘Lord of the Rings’ was filmd, they want to build something of monumental proportions….a whole city.

A group of architects and structural engineers in England, led by project manager Jonathan Wilson, are trying to raise £1.85 billion (that’s $2,884,973,250 US ) to build “a beautiful, inspirational and fully-functioning replica of Peter Jackson’s depiction of Minas Tirith, as seen in his Lord of the Rings films.” Now for those who are needing a quick refresher, Minas Tirith (Elvish for “Tower of the Guard”) is the capital city of Gondor, and that in the film Return of the King withstood an attack by a large army of Uruk-hai, Orcs, and other forces from Mordor.

The group is planning to replicate the city in Southern England, and they’re offering a range of rewards, including a follow from their twitter account (£3), a night for two in Minas Tirith (£900 and no questions asked), or becoming the Lord or Lady of the city (£100,000).  Currently the project has raised £46,410, which is less than one percent of its goal.  Now the most funds collected on any crowd-funding server is as follows: Indiegogo  $12.4 million. (April 2015), Kickstarter $20.3 million (March 2015) .  The campaign is quite rigid on the fact that funds will only be collected if the group meets their full £1.85 billion goal. They have 48 days left to raise the funds, so if you are a die-hard LOTR fan, this is a fun project to support.



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