Before you think that shooting on Justice League is through, think again. While the in-studio portion of principal photography seems to be over, there’s now location shooting before the cameras, and you know what that means: spy pics! There’s no bigger paparazzi draw than a major Hollywood production out in the open, except maybe an actress that’s just gone through a high-profile ugly divorce, and Justice League is, unfortunately, a two-fer in that regard. So as the production is shooting in Iceland, Warner Bros. beat the spoiler crowd to the punch by revealing Amber Heard as Mera in all her Queen of the Seven Seas glory. 

Via IGN, here’s the first image of Heard as Mera, complete with red hair and elaborate armour that dares to say, “Yes, I’m married to Aquaman. Thank you.”


Lady nerds out there will surely note with gratitude that the costume isn’t overly skimpy or revealing, especially as compared to when Elena Satine played the part in the tenth season of Smallville. (Of course, she could be dressing for the Iceland climate, which is smart if you don’t want to catch cold. If mer-people Atlanteans can catch cold, of course.) For you costume design fetishists out there, check out the evolution of Mera’s outfit with the sketches below. Too bad they got rid of the boss cape, which looks cool but probably has no practical use when travelling under the seas.

The full extent of Mera’s, and Heard’s, role in Justice League is uncertain, but it seems likely that she, along with Willem Dafoe as Vulko, will be there primarily to help establish things for the Aquaman solo film coming soon in July 2018. Jason Momoa, as I’m sure you’ll recall, has already been established as Arthur Curry AKA: Aquaman, thanks to a small cameo in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice this past spring.

Justice League will be in theatres everywhere in November 2017.

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