It seems that everything new is just something old ripped off.

For weeks, people have been saying what an original and amazing idea Christopher Nolan‘s newest blockbuster movie Inception has been. The idea of infiltrating people’s dreams, and creating dreams within dreams, has attracted the attention of millions of fans.

But now, it seems that Inception has been foiled by none other than Scrooge McDuck!

In a comic entitled “Dream of a Lifetime,” the Beagle Boys infiltrate Scrooge’s dreams to get his dream self to unwittingly give the thieves his vault combination. Sound eerily familiar?

But wait, there’s more, according to!

Scrooge McDuck’s totem is a 25-pound bar of solid gold. His limbo is an endless desert where each grain of sand is actually a microscopic gold coin. “All I want to do is go home and see my nephews and make sure they aren’t touching any of my stuff, I hate them, and this is my chance.” Your duck-mind is the scene of the duck-crime!

To see the amazing similarities for yourself, you can read the whole comic for free here.


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