After Disney/Pixar released the original Incredibles in 2004 and pulled in over $633 million at the worldwide box office fans were all anxiously waiting for a sequel. It’s been a long 14 years, but at last, we are getting closer to seeing it… and not much has changed. No real passage of time, just a different role for Mr. Incredible, whose now playing Mr. Mom to a freshly powered baby Jack-Jack while Elastigirl gets to be a worldwide hero thanks to an image-conscious new character (voiced by Bob Odenkirk) who wants to “bring supers back into the sunlight”.

Many of the original cast voices from The Incredibles are back for Incredibles 2: Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr is voiced by Craig T. Nelson, Elastigirl/Helen is voiced by Holly Hunter, Frozone/Lucius Best is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and Violet is voiced by Sarah Vowel, however, Dashiell ‘Dash’ Parr is now voiced by Huck Milner.

The Incredibles sequel isn’t just about navigating Elastigirl’s new job and Mr. Incredible’s family frustrations, there’s also a new villain that was introduced in the new trailer. His name is Screen Slayer, and he’s a lot scarier seeming than Syndrome. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until June 15 to get a true sense of how big a challenge Screen Slayer is.

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