Something that astounds and amazes people is the influence of Star Wars in the youth of today.  But, it isn’t just a pop culture phenomena of parody and cult following, its influence has also lead to the advances in technology and movies. Instead of us having to wonder about what  parts of our lives were affected by Star Wars, Wired writer Michelle Devereaux, did all the work for us with her highly detailed graphic chart.

This chart may be a tad dated, six years worth of it I might say, but by all means this chart gives an easy step by step look at how technical, story writing, and alumni have affected the world after every movie.  It is mind blowing how Frank Oz the voice of Yoda led to a collaboration with Jim Henson on The Muppet Movie, and how the digital effects led to the creation of Apple and all its wonderful iGadgets we now enjoy such as: iPads, iPhones, iTouchs and so on! Now, even though this chart simplifies certain companies and advances to only be Star Wars related and misses other non-Star Wars influences. Despite that, this chart is still very impressive! Are there any interesting connections on this chart that you caught? Can you think of any other films that have this long-reaching influence in our daily lives?

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