The Game Station gang has put together one entertaining interactive Left 4 Dead video romp. Did you ever have those D&D interactive adventure books, the ones that, much like the video, let you make your decision and turn to that page to find out what happens next? Those were some carefree afternoons. Enjoy the video; there’s some fun gaming and movie references that just add that extra nerdy goodness to the project.

I’m ready for some more from this group. They have a good handle on the source material and how to make it funny – HAHA, and not funny – OMG that was bad. Click through the jump to get all the production details.

Via: Geekologie

Directed by Layne Pavoggi –

Written & Edited by THE WARP ZONE (Michael Schroeder & Brian Fisher)

Husky –
Dodger –
Davis –
Schroeder –
& Total Biscuit –

Ryan, Fish, and Odom of The Warp Zone
Will of DC –
Erin Lee –
Brittany and Artie of Butterusfx –
Aaron Umetani of The Country Club –
Layne Pavoggi –
Joe Walker –

Music by Aaron Dewitt –

Visual Effects & Sound Design – Brian Fisher

Make Up & Prop Design
Brittany and Artie of Butterusfx

Special Thanks to:
Geoff “Viewtiful Joe” Yano

Aaron “Haggar” Umetani


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