Muggle Quidditch is totally a thing. Seriously. There’s even a Wikipedia page for it! Basically it’s a Muggle version of the Wizarding game, which is traditionally played on broomsticks with magical flying balls that have their own minds.

Changes have been made to the game to make it more Muggle-accessible. Obviously there are no brooms involved. The 3 goal posts are actually hula hoops held up on PVC tubes. The balls have been substituted for non-magical ones: the Quaffle is replaced by basketballs, volleyballs or dodgeballs and sometimes even Frisbees; the Bludgers are softer balls like Nerf balls and they use tennis rackets to hit them, or just throwing dodgeballs; and the most interesting change is that the Snitch is actually a person dressed in gold who runs around the place until the Seeker catches ’em.

Apparently an International Quidditch Association exists, governing a bunch of teams in North America. But now, students at Keller High School are trying to get the University Interscholastic League (UIL) to recognize Muggle Quidditch as the 14th official high school sport. Good luck to them! If you’re interested, there is an online petition here.

Source: The Mary Sue

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