Why is everyone stressing so much about iron Man 2? They are expecting it to be in the same realm as Spiderman 3. The Guardian states:

This time Iron Man 2 will have to balance Robert Downey Jr with Sam Rockwell and Scarlett Johansson and Mickey Rourke and Don Cheadle and Samuel L Jackson and Gwyneth Paltrow, and a shedload of exploding robots. Plus, there’s a good chance that Tony Stark’s also going to be an alcoholic in this one. And that’s where the worry starts to seep in.

A tangled love story? Too many villains? A hero struggling with his demons? Unless I’m mistaken, that sounds just like Spider-Man 3 – a superhero movie legendary in its bloated naffness.

I for one will give it the benefit of the doubt. The first one was unbelievable, and while yes, the IM2 does seem to have alot going on, I feel we should give it Spiderman 2 accolades. One of the best reviewed comic book films in history and delving into darker territory as well. I will be one of the first in media to say, No, I am not worried…..Yet.

Wanna worry? Worry about the Teen wolf Reboot. Yes. It’s coming.

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