At the mid-season end of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we saw Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) captured, and super-powered Mike Peterson (J. August Richards) get blown up in front of his son. If you’re worried about spoilers then stop here. If you’re up to date on your AOS viewing, then click-through and let’s take a look at what character changes might be happening in the Marvel Universe. If you’re not up to date, consider this your SPOILER WARNING.The mysterious return of Agent Coulson has been the big behind-the-curtain-secret of the series. Many people have speculated on how he was brought back. Would he be an LMD (Life Model Decoy) or would he become the Vision. Back before the show started, I hoped he would be brought back as the Marvel character Deathlok.


Once the series was announced, the hope that Agent Coulson would become Deathlok was quickly shot down, but perhaps I was too quick to let the hope that Deathlok would make an appearance on the show. Maybe it wouldn’t be Coulson, but perhaps another SHIELD character could make the transformation into Deathlok.

Now let’s look at Peterson. He already has some high-tech additions that Centipede has implanted in his body to give him increased strength and abilities.


Now add what we learned at the end of the last episode:


The explosion on the bridge didn’t kill Peterson, although he is badly burned, and has lost his right leg below the knee. We also found out that he has a new implant that sends messages through his eyeball, just like the Eye Spy episode.


Centipede has been building super soldiers and now we have a link between them and the mysterious eyeball controlling mystery man. It doesn’t take much to make a jump from there to the character Deathlok. When you look at Deathlok’s origin story and the situation Peterson finds himself in, there’s plenty of screaming similarities.

Both have cybernetic implants, both are being controlled by outside forces, and both were terribly wounded in battle. If this is the way Joss Whedon and Marvel are going to introduce Deathlok into the Marvel Cinematic Universe then I am all for it!

What do you think? Is Deathlok the answer to Peterson’s dilemma?

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