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If the latest story about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is to be believed, much of the news that’s leaked so far regarding the movie was fake. According to not only did Warner Bros. commission a fake script from which misleading plot details could be leaked, but they hired none other than Kevin Smith to write it. 

This wouldn’t be the first time the Clerks and Mallrats director was hired to write a Superman script that would never see the light of day. In 1997, Smith was hired to write the screenplay for Superman Lives, but it was discarded when Tim Burton joined (and subsequently left) the production. You can hear Kevin Smith tell that bizarre story HERE. He even signed a copy of the script for me a while back.


The rumors about the fake script came just as a PDF of the alleged full screenplay began circling the internet. Badass Digest reported on the leaked PDF earlier this week and corroborated others sites’ claims that the film would feature as many as five DC villains, including Lex Luthor.

Take a look at the letter, and decide for yourself if this news is true:

This isn’t a scoop regarding the plot or the details of the Batman v Superman movie or am I writing you in order to spoil or disappoint the general public. My insider info regards a who has been the source of the vast majority of leaked information as regards to the movie and more importantly why.

Up until last year I worked for as a PA for a Warner Bros. exec until I was promoted to marketing. It was here I and several others where approached to work, directly and indirectly, for Susanne Knoll and sometimes Deborah Snyder.

It was here that I became a part of a particular strategy that Warner Bros has been using to great effect.

Early this year a Screenplay for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which was commissioned by Warner Bros was leaked to several gossip sites. It was a scanned PDF of the entire screenplay baring a official Warner Bros watermark.

This script has been the source of almost every leaked detail about the movie for the last six months. It has been posted on sites then quickly removed due to cease and desist letters from Warner Bros.

While the screenplay is legit and the watermark is legit and it is was commissioned by Charles Roven himself…

But it is written by neither David S. Goyer or Chris Terrio.

It was written by Kevin Smith.

Late last year both Charles Roven and Zack Snyder approached Kevin Smith with a early treatment for the film and It was Kevin Smith who came up with the idea to write an entire screenplay based on it but with several huge red herrings and changes which do not appear in the final film. These include plot points and characters etc etc. and ‘leak’ it online.

This script was distributed by myself and others to gossip sites and movie sites like aintitcool, latino review, movie pilot, etc etc

My job was to pose as a worker at Warner Bros who was leaking the screenplay.

There were several others involved who posed as recently fired members of the production, interns and special effects artists and we all spread the misleading info around the web.

None of this was done maliciously and was a strategy to misdirect much of sites that intended to spoil the film.

Whether or not any of Movieweb’s claims are true, I suspect we’ll hear Smith weigh in over the next couple of days. It would be very unlike him to miss an opportunity to talk about himself or Batman.

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What do you think? Is this too big of a pill to swallow? While commissioning a phony screenplay isn’t out of the realm of possibility, would Warner Bros. spend what must be a fortune to hire Kevin Smith to write it? Let us know in the comments.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder opens May 16, 2015.

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