Now I’m sure a lot of you are asking yourself, “Wait, there;’s a sequel to Joe Dirt and we can’t get a sequel for Dredd?” I was asking myself that same thing, but then I realized that Joe Dirt does reside in a small corner of my drunken heart. Every time I come across it on some lazy weekend I end up watching it just to see Christopher Walken and David Spade, mainly Walken, but Spade is in most of those scenes as well. When I heard that Joe Dirt 2 was an actual thing and had an actual title Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser I figured I’d at least check out the trailer. Now, after Spade’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel discussing the sequels plot, I may just have to sneak a few beers into the theater and see it.

Here’s the video of Spade’s appearance on Kimmel:

Here’s what Spade said:

In this one, I go back in time — I don’t want to give it all away — but I go back in time, and I see Walken. I meet him earlier. But we get rich there because I know the future. Welp! Gave it all away.

Now I’m really not sure if he was joking, but if Dirt does go back in time, we could see Joe Dirt pull a few Forrest Gump style appearances in historical events of the times. Maybe Joe Dirt could hook up with his Grandmother or something.. yeah, that could happen in Joe Dirt.

Spade posted this picture to Instagram:


I really can’t tell if that is supposed to be Joe Dirt in the past with Walken’s character though. That picture could just be set anywhere. There have been some on set pictures floating around the Internet of Spade and Brittany Daniel.

It took almost 14 years for a sequel, and that’s no surprise as it totally tanked at the box office. It wasn’t until is hit the late night cable channels that Joe Dirt began building a following. A following that might be dragged out to the theater to see a sequel.

What do you think? Will you be checking out the white trash Back to the Future that Spade is saying Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser will be?


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