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Marvel Entertainment usually goes to the trouble of trademarking a property when they plan on using their TV and/or film rights. If you go through their registry, you’ll find various trademarks for Star Lord, Agent Carter, Groot, etc. on the list. Well, it’s been brought to our attention that a little known character from the comic book universe has been trademarked, and if history is any indication, this character is about to see a live action incarnation sometime soon. Who is this lucky person? Well, it’s a woman. Kinda. And she’s a walking wrecking machine. Kinda. If you count beating the hell out of Wolverine and Deadpool wrecking machine material. Sounds like this character is the most awesome super being in comics history. Well, if that’s what you think, you’re dead wrong.squirrel-girl-swingthumbnailYup, it’s looking dangerously like Squirrel Girl is coming to a TV or theater near you. In her first appearance, mutant Doreen Green was trying to get hired by Iron Man as a sidekick, along with her own squirrel sidekick Monkey Joe. Wait, keep reading – it gets weirder! Iron Man blows her off and suddenly Doctor Doom attacks. Squirrel Girl uses her mental bond with squirrels to summon hundreds into attacking and defeating Dr. Doom! And that’s not all, she’s got an array of impressive beatdowns under her tail – often due to her foe’s overconfidence, luck on her part, or just sheer creativity. All this talk lately about how much of a maniac killer Thanos is?

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That’s him snoozing with his ass up in the air after taking a beating by S.G. What in God’s name could possibly be happening here???


One theory attaches her to the upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones. In the comics, Jessica and Luke Cage (expect a show from him too) marry and have a child. Desperate for a nanny for their daughter Danielle, they settle upon Doreen. If the Squirrel Girl character is indeed being included in this series, then I need to buy more hats to tip in honor of Marvel’s genius. Of course I’m sure Jessica and Luke will not have hooked up by the show’s premiere, or even met for that matter. So I’m halfway wondering where Doreen will fit in here. That is, if my theory is correct. All this could end up being a freakin’ cartoon.

Also, they’ll have to do away with the “mutant” aspect of her powers and come up with a Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver type backstory to explain her abilities. Which are: bushy prehensile tail, claws, buck teeth that can rend wood, telepathic rapport with squirrels, enhanced strength and agility, and finally, a utility belt which supports her…um…nutsacks. Which have nuts in them. Of course they do.

CAN’T WAIT! I love this character. Originally intended as a joke heroine, and still is, she has managed to gain a huge cult following. And if they don’t hire Wendy McHolm to play the part, they’d damn well better come up with someone better. Okay, okay I’m jumping ahead of myself here in continuing to assume that Squirrel Girl is coming to life. But the writing’s on the wall and I’m pretty good at picking up on things like this. Admittedly, I only gave her a passing smirk whenever I saw her kicking the butt of someone cool in the comics. But it wasn’t until she consistently whipped my rear in Marvel’s Avengers Alliance on Facebook that I started paying her any real attention. What do you guys think? Even halfway excited about this?


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