Never content to merely exist in the moment so far as Star Wars is concerned, even though we’re still months away from the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we’re now talking seriously about what comes next in Episode VIII. We know that Rian Johnson is writing and directing the next film in the sequel trilogy, and presumably it will feature much of the cast of The Force Awakens, but isn’t two-and-a-half years out a little much to guess what else is going on with the film? Apparently not. We’ve gotten breaking news today that a renowned and award winning actor is being considered for the bad guy in Episode VIII, and his name is Benicio del Toro.

According to The Wrap, an official offer has gone out to del Toro and his reps to come aboard Episode VIII as the bad guy. That’s all. Obviously plot details would be non-existent at this point, and they will likely be less than forthcoming at least until the new year and after things have calmed down from the opening of The Force Awakens.

Still, del Toro is a profoundly interesting and accomplished actor. He won an Oscar for playing a morally ambiguous Mexican cop in Traffic, he played Che Guevara in Steven Soderbergh‘s magnum opus Che, he was Jackie Boy in the first (and best) Sin City, and he was a cursed Englishman in The Wolfman. Nerds will know him best now as The Collector, one of several parties chasing Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, making a brief but memorable appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Interestingly, this isn’t del Toro’s first flirtation with a space franchise involving J.J. Abrams with “Star” in the title. Del Toro was the first choice to play John Harrison Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. Of course, he passed on the part and fellow (future) Marvel Universe dissident Benedict Cumberbatch got the part.

Star Wars Episode VIII will open in theaters everywhere on May 26, 2017; Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18.

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