This Christmas, director Ericson Core‘s Point Break Remake/Re-imagining will hit theaters and the question isn’t how well it will do at the box office, because we all know that nothing is going to beat J. J. AbramsStar Wars The Force Awakens. Nothing will even be close, being number two in December will be more like being number six on a regular weekend release. The real question is whether fans of the original will give this movie a shot, or just ignore it completely.

The comments below should fill up with those arguing that this movie is a needless, or pointless remake, but if nothing else, it at least brings the original’s plot, if not the quirky soul that made it a sleeper hit for those catching it on late night cable all those years ago.

Here’s the original trailer:

The new movie poster:


I do think this would be a decent action film if it just road on its own merits. Basing it in the original and not capturing that strange charisma of Patrick Swazye or the goofiness of Keanu Reeves seems criminal to me. I’m sure the action and stunts will be over the top and exciting to see if nothing else, but the original didn’t depend on those stunts to carry the movie. What carried the movie was Swayze and Reeves.

What do you think?

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