Will Rambo return to the big screen? Word around the Internet today has Sylvester Stallone‘s Action Hero starring in a fifth in the franchise. What enemies will Rambo face this time around?

Splendid Film based in Germany, has bought the rights for the next Rambo movie and released this statement:

Mit ‘Rambo V’ kehrt Sylvester Stallone in seine Paraderolle zurück. Dieses Mal legt er sich mit dem mexikanischen Kartell an. Stallone, der auch für das Drehbuch verantwortlich ist, beschreibt den neuen Rambo als seine Version von ‘No Country for Old Men.’ Produzent ist, wie schon beim letzten ‘John Rambo,’ Avi Lerner (‘The Expendables 1-3’).

For those of us that don’t read German we’ve got this handy translation:

With ‘Rambo V’ Sylvester Stallone returns in his iconic role. This time he goes up against a Mexican cartel. Stallone, who has also written the screenplay, describes the new Rambo as his version of ‘No Country for Old Men.’ Like the last film, ‘Rambo V’ is produced by Avi Lerner (“The Expendables 1-3”).

It’s been almost 6 years since Stallone grabbed his bow and fought against overwhelming odds. The last film, Rambo, grossed $133.2 million worldwide. Not a bad return on a $50 million dollar budget. It was enough to spark Stallone to write the synopsis below for a fifth film back in 2009:

John Rambo could track anyone – or anything – on earth. Now the military desperately needs him for a mission that his ultrasensitive instincts tell him he should refuse. A beast is loose somewhere north of the Artic Circle. It has already decimated a secret research facility and annihilated a squad of elite military guards. And the raging creature is headed south toward civilization, ready to wreak bloody devastation.

It’s a job that Rambo and his 22-year-old hunting partner, Beau Brady, can’t turn down, but they and a team of highly-skilled special forces kill team discover that the prey is a terror beyond their wildest imagination – a half-human abomination created by a renegade agency through a series of outlawed genetic experiments. It has man’s cunning, a predator’s savageness, and a prehistoric power that has transcended the ages. And even if Rambo and Beau survive its unrelenting hunger for human blood, they’ll still have to confront the grim reality that it may have grown immortal.

It’s still unclear if this will be the plot of the fifth film, now that there’s some money behind the project, Stallone might tackle another story. It has been five years and Stallone’s been busting out The Expendables movies and might want to take Rambo in a different direction.

I’m not really sold on the idea of Rambo fighting super genetically engineered super soldiers, Jean-Claude Van Damme kinda has that locked up with his movies. I’d rather see Rambo take on some of the current issues around the world, something like that terrorist mall attack in Kenya, imagine those terrorists surprise when they realize they’ve got Rambo after them, and he’s already inside the mall. Put that style terrorist mall attack in the US of A and let Rambo do what he does.

What’s your Rambo V elevator pitch?

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