(If you don’t feel like reading the next 400 or so words, the answer is no.)

So actor Simon Pegg is in New York right now (he’s guesting on The Daily Show tonight, so there’s a free plug Simon) and took a tour of the House of Ideas a few hours back. Yes the Shawn of the Dead star was at Marvel Comics today and tweeted a few photos from the tour they gave him, including this one… the one that started the Ant-Man casting rumors.

OH MY GOD HE IS POINTING AT ANT-MAN… Clearly that means he is hinting that he is there to talk to Kevin Feige about playing the character in the forthcoming movie (that is being made by his Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy cohort  Edgar Wright,) right? I mean, we all remember when Vin Diesel took the tour, posted a photo of him posing in front of an Avengers comic cover featuring Vision and then totally got cast as the voice of Groot in The Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That’s how these things work, right?

The internet was quick to pick up on this and run with it. For example, here is what had to say:

as if to confirm he’s been chosen to portray the Marvel superhero in a movie due out in November of 2015. Coincidentally, that movie is also being directed by Pegg’s friend and collaborator, Edgar Wright. Hmmm …

Well, as it turns out the official word is that Pegg was at the Comics office (not the film one) simply for a tour and to appear on The Week In Marvel Podcast, so he may have just been a “Cheeky Bastard as they say in his country and having a bit of fun. This is not a teaser to any official casting announcement. This is a guy pointing at a thing. That is all.


While personally I never assumed that him pointing at the character meant anything significant, the following flood of ‘internet journalism’ did make me take a step back… Damn, the star of Spaced would be absolutely perfect for the role. Sure he doesn’t bare even the slightest resemblance to the comic book character, Hank Pym, and he’s lacking in the ‘Chris Evans physique’ department (it’s ok Simon, I don’t have abs anymore either).  He does have charm and charisma and an amazing comedic screen presence. He might have made a good choice.

I would, however, like to state that he did also pose for a photo with Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, so I would like to start the rumor that Simon Pegg has been cast as Beta Ray Bill. Who’s with me?

Oh yea, and Pegg’s next film, The World’s End, (with Ant-Man movie maker Edgar Wright) is set to open on the 23rd of August in North America. That’s a second plug, Simon… you can thank me later.

Sources: Bleeding Cool, /Film, Simon Pegg’s Twitter

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