A few months back, Steven McQueen of Vampire Diaries tweeted a picture of his self-proclaimed “Nightwing training,” and claimed that he’d had meetings with the writers of Arrow, but we haven’t really heard anything else… until now. Could he be the next superhero we see show up on Arrow?

With Stephen Amell- and surely the rest of the Arrow crew- wanting Arrow to link up with the inevitable Justice League movie, it seems like the inclusion of a shared Nightwing– who’s also rumored to be a part of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie- would be the perfect way to make that a reality.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, it seems that Stephen McQueen is still looking to be the guy to bring Blüdhaven’s resident superhero to the small screen, and that they are indeed working on bringing the character to Arrow in the future.

I’m shooting a show called Vampire Diaries right now, and hopefully soon Nightwing on a show called Arrow, but still waiting to hear about that.

While it surely isn’t that far fetched of an idea, given the success of Arrow and the fact that it’s already spawned a spin-off in the form of The Flash, we still haven’t heard anything from the producers of Arrow on whether or not we’d be seeing Batman’s former sidekick on the show. With only brief reference to Blüdhaven in the first season, it would be nice to start hearing more about the possibility of yet another hero being added to the mix.

What do you think of McQueen? He surely looks the part, but are there any Vampire Diaries watchers out there that trust him to do the Dick Grayson character justice? Let us know!


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