This is one of those stories that we’re kind of obliged to cover. It’s a small detail, it may not be exactly what we think it is, but it involves a highly popular character from a hotly anticipated movie that we really have no other official information for so far. Other parts of the internet believe the artwork on a business card for one of the bigwigs at Marvel Comics reveals the image of what Spider-Man will look like when he makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in this May’s Captain America: Civil War. Having said that, he also looks like how Spider-Man always looks.

Courtesy of a Twitter feed called Hybrid Network, comes the following image of Axel Alonso‘s business card. It should come as no surprise that the business card for the editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics would have a very Marvel flavor, but does it also give away what Spider-Man will look like in Civil War? You be the judge.

Upon objective analysis, it might be observed that the only two characters on this card that look *explicitly* like the movie versions of they characters is Captain America and Star Lord, which are clearly modelled on the Chris Evans and Chris Pratt portrayals respectively. The depictions of Iron Man and Black Panther could be the movie versions of those characters, but it’s not conclusive, and the Hulk here looks nothing like Mark Ruffalo. It maybe wishful thinking to say this is a line-up of MCU characters when, honestly, it may just be that the artist of this business card image wanted to use the versions of these characters that would be best recognized by the recipients of the card.

What we know about Spidey in Civil War is that he’ll be played by Tom Holland, and he will enter the plot sometime after all the various characters have taken sides. Co-director Anthony Russo has also said that we’re unlikely to see an official image of Spider-Man because visual effects will be heavily involved in bringing his costume to life. That might suggest that Spider-Man will be wearing his Iron Spider armor in the film, which looks nothing like his traditional red and blue ‘jams as depicted above. Of course, there’s also been a rumored that Spidey will wear two costumes in the film, the other one being more homemade.

Long story short, Marvel Studios has taken great pains to keep Spider-Man under wraps, so it seems unlikely that they’d just stamp his image on the EiC’s business card, especially since he probably gives out 100 of those in any given business week. Still, as of right now, there’s only one place and time to find out for sure…

Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters everywhere on May 6.

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