Word is making its way around the Internet today that Emily Kinney of The Walking Dead will soon be making an appearance on The Flash as the villain known as the Bug Eyed Bandit. Now 80% of you are probably asking yourself, “Who the hell is the Bug Eyed Bandit?” Click through and we’ll tell you!

Punkd Images posted a picture of Kinney arriving in Vancouver, that’s where they shoot The Flash, on Instagram with the description:

“#WalkingDead’s Beth.. @EmmyKinney arrives in VanCity to be #TheFlash’s new Bug Eyed Villian #BrieLarvan @SpoilerTV #YVRShoots @olv #HeardItHere1st.”


Nothing has been confirmed yet, but Kinney is available since her character Beth’s abrupt departure from The Walking Dead last year. Although she made an appearance on last night’s Walking Dead episode, I wouldn’t expect to see her again.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the character she is rumored to be playing on The Flash, the Bug Eyed Bandit.


The Bug Eyed Bandit in the comics is Bertam Larven, an Atom villain that uses small mechanical insects to commit crimes. Brandon Routh, who plays Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, in Arrow will be making a guest appearance on The Flash episode 18 so it would make sense for an Atom villain to make an appearance as well. It looks like producers decided to gender-bend to role and cast Kinney. Punkd Image believes the character’s name will be changes to Brie Larven along with the gender switch.

What do you think? Of course the first thing many people will ask in the comments is, “Will she sing?” Will the Bug Eyed Bandit be the first true challenge for Ray Palmer and his A.T.O.M. suit? From what I have seen on Arrow so far, I don’t think that Palmer is expecting his suit to shrink him, just provide him with force blasters and armor against bullets, etc. Perhaps when he is fighting the Bug Eyed Bandit something goes horribly wrong, or right depending on your view, to the A.T.O.M. suit which gives it the power to shrink Palmer and more effectively fight a bug sized criminal.

Let us know your thoughts on her possible casting in the comments section below. When and if we get confirmation we’ll bring it to you here!

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