A little over a week ago, a teaser trailer of sorts hit the Internet titled Knight Rider Heroes with a link to a web site that had little to no information about the project. It went under the radar of most folks, but has slowly made the Internet rounds sparking much more questions than answers. The Man himself, David Hasselhoff is in the teaser, but when one looks at his social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook, there’s only one post about the project, and zero additional information not already provided. What’s it all mean?


Let’s start at the beginning, which takes us back three weeks to this Knight Rider Heroes teaser.

A couple of weeks later this expanded, but still quite short trailer hit that includes David Hasselhoff.

When one looks at the Youtube page for Knight Industries Media Inc. where the teasers are posted you’ll see the page subscribed to theAFICIONAUTO which did an interview and ride along with Hasselhoff about 8 months ago. The location, Hasselhoff’s clothing, and this guy (At least it looks like that is the same guy) appear in both the teaser and the interview.


Autoblog asked Christopher Rutkowski,the man who was in the car with Hasselhoff for the interview, about Knight Rider Heroes:

…who is involved, couldn’t tell Autoblog whether it’s a movie or a TV show. All he would indicate is that it’s a new project in very early stages that he hopes to direct himself.

At the end of the interview video, Hasselhoff himself stops things for a second saying, “Sorry, we’re doing four things at once… ready?” That would lead me to believe that this was all done the same day as the interview eight months ago.

Here’s the interview:

From what I can gather, The Wienstien Company currently holds the Knight Rider movie rights and there is a movie in development, but it would not star Hasselhoff. This little bit of digging and the fact that in the interview they use Hasselhoff’s person replica Kit that this will end up being a web series type thing. A fan type film something along the lines of Adi Shankar‘s Bootleg series of fan film’s like Power/Rangers.

Would you like to see a return of Knight Rider?

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