Is There a ‘Willow’ Sequel in Our Future?


Quick! What was your favorite action/fantasy adventure from the 80s starring Val Kilmer? If you said Willow, then you are correct, although Top Secret! would also have been an acceptable answer. Yes, this heart-warming, George Lucas-penned tale of a Nelwyn’s (basically a Hobbit) journey to become a sorcerer while protecting an orphaned infant from the evil Queen Bavmorda taught us all a little something about life, about love, and most importantly about ourselves. For thirty years, many of us have been hoping for a return for the mystical lands of Nockmaar and Nelwyn Valley. Fortunately for the trajectory of this article, director Ron Howard was recently on hand to talk about just that!

Howard has been hard at work promoting his new movie In the Heart of the Sea, which is a story of a journey to find a giant beating heart at the bottom of the ocean, probably. There’s no way to be sure. Anyway, the important thing is that during a recent AMA session on Reddit, Howard was asked about the likelihood of a sequel to his 1988 cult classic. This is what he had to say:

“Right now, the Lucasfilm team, led by Kathleen Kennedy, who is an old dear friend, is entirely myopically focused on the Star Wars universe, as you can imagine. So I think the immediate possibility of another Willow movie is probably not on the front burner, but Warwick Davis is such a cool guy, and he’s continued to evolve as a talent… Man, he’s Willow! And a grown-up Willow could be kind of cool, so I’d never say never…”
It’s true that Lucasfilm is focused on rapidly expanding their Star Wars universe, releasing a movie every year. Meanwhile, Howard has his hands full. In addition to promoting his story about aquatic cardiovascular system pumps, he’s in post-production on Inferno, which is a follow up to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons with Tom Hanks. He’s also producing The Dark Tower, which currently has a release date of January 13, 2017, after being in development purgatory for what seemed like centuries. So while there aren’t any immediate plans for a Willow sequel, if you trust Ron Howard (And why wouldn’t you? He was Opie Taylor, for cryin’ out loud!), the powers-that-be are open to it, which is often the hardest part about moving a project forward.
What do you think about a Willow sequel? Are you interested in seeing some of your favorite fantasy characters all grown up?

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