Is There ‘Star Wars’ News on the Horizon?


This story is going to feel like a meta take on Internet News reporting as a whole. Even the title of this article (which essentially reads “Is Star Wars News Coming Soon?”) feels like I’m sort of messing with your head and playing on the whole “Articles of Anticipation” phenomenon that has taken over Entertainment Reporting.

But no, this is a real story my darling Wookies, as it appears that we’re about to get some major bombs dropped on us from Disney and Lucasfilm. With “Star Wars Day” (May 4) less than a week away, and Star Wars News already clogging feeds everywhere, the timing couldn’t seem more right. The official Twitter account has been promoting the “holiday” for weeks, previews for Star Wars Rebels are airing, and every single rumor regarding J.J. Abrams’ new installment has been reported with painstaking detail. Now it seems that key members of the original cast (namely Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill) have all gathered in London. What announcement doth await us in the near future?

Astute followers of the Star Wars News Feed (which we’re just going to start calling all geek websites from now on) will note that Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn also visited writer/director J.J. Abrams and producer Kathleen Kennedy last week to finalize the script in Foggy Londontown (which is also where the film will be shooting come May). And Peter Serafinowicz dropped the biggest hint via his Twitter feed with this picture of he and Luke Skywalker himself:


Next Up — Rex Features (with an assist from JediNews) threw up some candid pics of a certain Wookie’s best friend coming out of a London restaurant, with Star Wars 7 News confirming Han Solo’s presence in London via this picture:


Finally, Carrie Fisher (in her usual awesome style) teased us all with a solid joke at the expense of all rabid reporters looking for easy hits:

So what does this all mean? We all but know for a fact that these original cast members are going to be in Episode VII. So does reporting on their gathering really mean anything? Yes and no. More than likely, we’ll get a cast announcement on May 4, with the old ushering in the new. Will we get a title, too? Probably not — with the big details (plot description, bullshit teaser with no actual footage) being held for huge events like ComicCon (which is right around the corner). By then, we’ll have reported on exactly what all of these people have eaten for dinner, and if Harrison Ford is constipated because of the shiitake mushrooms or not.

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