Fans of the Hunger Games movie franchise rejoice, for the third of four movies in the series is fast approaching its time to shine. And, as is the usual routine, the folks in charge have finally decided that it’s marketing time. So check out the many new bits and pieces of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 below. We got us some pictures, the first teaser trailer and another video featuring an interview with Julianne Moore, aka President Coin. Scroll on for all the Hunger Games super-happy-fun-marketing!

First and foremost, the teaser trailer!

Did I ever mention how much I hate teasers? Particularly when they show NOTHING! A shiny CGI bird on fire is all we get? Dirty bastards…

Here’s the other video. It’s a bit more informative than the previous one, although don’t expect to see any footage (there are, however, a few minor spoilers, so beware). Check out Moore as she talks a bit about the movie and her place within it:

Finally, a trio of pics featuring faces both new and old:

mockingjay 2

mockingjay 1

mockingjay 3

While the first two movies weren’t exactly what one might refer to as Oscar material, they were certainly fun and exciting enough to attract the attention of audiences all over the world and Mockingjay will likely continue that trend. Let’s hope they keep up the same level of quality and deliver something that kicks us in the proverbial nuts with goodness.

Check out The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 when it finally hits the big screen come November 21st of this year.


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