It Might Get Loud – Movie Review

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“It Might Get Loud”, a rockumentary on the guitar styles, and eccentricities of White Stripes front man, Jack White, The Edge from U2, and guitar phenom and legend, Jimmy Page. An astounding ensemble in one room but what does it all mean? They aren’t making the next “We Are The World”.

            So my review is short and sweet. There is no way to review a movie that…kind of had no plot. The theme they want you to invest in, is that these three rock stars, separated by only a generation and guitar style, are having a impromptu, and strangely meaningless jam session.

            Each of them have there own little fairy tale, wide eyed and fate laden stories on how they got their first of most important guitar. The Edge, from Dublin Ireland has been so Americanized he almost has no accent to speak of, he is the quiet cool one who used his music against a revolution he was in the thick of and had no hold against. The IRA bombings in Ireland were a compelling part of his history.

            Jimmy Page, seems like one of the only rock stars who enjoys being a rock star and doesn’t treat it as a burden. He went from being a black haired rocker to a white haired Asian woman over the years, but nonetheless can still rock out without even having to have his cock out.

            Now Jack White, the enigmatic and strangely unique genius has an ego you can see in his bored eyes while surrounded with talent like Edge and Page. Its as if he believes his style, music and persona is an untouchable entity and he seems to have no respect for the likes of Page. Not to say he was disrespectful, but it was something you could feel.

            Now the film flits aimlessly between their lives and success individually and their love of the guitar. This is where the film showed me the one thing that grasped me. While they all stand in a semi circle jamming out, Page, a childlike smile on his face, enjoying the moment while White seemed to be soaking in the experience, but to be more learned, not out of a respect. The three did share one bond, but the most so out of the three was the charismatic Jimmy Page… The bond was that it seemed the guitars spoke to them….A language that poured and whined from the amps that only they could understand. Like the guitar was its own being, speaking to them in a language only they spoke and understood. They made their instruments come to life and listened to what itwhispered to them in a distorted roar. That is the brilliance of Page; he understands the idiom of his guitar. While they create music, their ears are hearing something a layman couldn’t hear, and while it speaks, their shredding makes the guitar scream out things they want to say, but never would.

            This movie, while very innovative and different even for a documentary, is wasted on a non musician or someone who has never held a guitar, but otherwise, a wonderfully different experience.        2 ½ Stars

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