Okay, this might look like a juvenile post from a guy who giggles and hops up and down during TV and movie nude scenes, but I assure you that I’m very adult. No I’m not, I totally fist pumped when I read this news on The Daily Mail. Thing is, I can’t really go too deeply into this because if you haven’t read the books, the meat of this news is a total spoiler. Haha, I said “deep” and “meat.” Anyway, the long and short (see that?) of it is that Lena Headley’s character Cersei has been trying to shoot a nude scene for next season but they’re producing it in Dubrovnik, Croatia. The town doubles as King’s Landing and the Croatian Film Commission took umbrage with Cersei’s exhibitionist shenanigans. Why? Because it’s in a church. Why? Because SPOILERS, that’s why!

Sometime during next season of ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Cersei’s brother won’t be the only one who sees her naked. Pretty much the entire region will ogle her twin sisters during the pivotal “penance walk” from the Great Sept Of Baelor to the Red Keep after she gets arrested for screwing up really bad. But in real life, the scene is to be shot in a church. The Church Of St. Nicolas, in fact. And they were all like “Nay to the public disrobing of ye royal breasts!” So, in a week-long compromise that I would’ve thought up in seconds, the studio agreed to build the church from a set and have Cersei twerk her naked ass down the street once she gets outside. It’ll be a nice little stroke of effects magic and editing. Exactly the types of things that have already made Cersei naked in my brain since season one. Here’s a photo of what that set will look like.


So there you have it. As long as she doesn’t set foot in the place of worship, she can prance jaybird naked like a boss. I know girls like that, but they stay away from churches on purpose or they’ll turn to dust. ProTip: follow Lena Headley on Instagram. She is stupid fun and as cute as can be. Me? I’m buying a plan ticket to Croatia because apparently they make awesome deals concerning nudity. I don’t even know what that means.

Producers of the hit fantasy show were no doubt hi-fiving each other, as the lone female holdout in terms of “fleshing out” gets the greenlight for dressing down. It’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ after all. It’s about one-liners, nakedness and killing. If you’re on that show and you’re over five feet tall, you’re showing everything but peen. It’s just gotta be in the contract that you will more than likely take your clothes off on camera. You’ve got to be as cool with doing it as I am of watching it.

GOT comes back in like a year, so get comfortable. It’s a long wait.

Via – TMZ


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