There’s a lot riding on Justice League, more so than usual when it comes to one of these huge, tentpole superhero movies. It was just a few months ago that Zack Snyder‘s continuation as a creative force in the DC Extended Universe was in doubt after the lackluster performance and reception for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But despite that it was full steam ahead with Justice League anyway, and concerted effort’s been made to show off this Snyder joint as one that’s learned the lessons of the past. But if one person knows about the behind the scenes drama of Justice League it’s new Commissioner Gordon, J.K. Simmons, and he said that he enjoyed the laid back tone on the set.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight, Simmons said that in terms of the camaraderie on set, you couldn’t get much better than the Justice League experience. “Zack runs sort of a big, happy family and it’s obviously, in many ways, a very different work environment when you’re working on a big, giant movie like that than a relatively small movie like The Meddler,” he said. “But at the end of the day, the director is the one who sets the tone. And one of the things that Zack and [Meddler director] Lorene [Scarfaria] have in common is they’re just nice, smart, competent, fun people that you don’t mind spending a 12-hour day with.”

In other news, Simmons has wrapped his part on Justice League as Gordon, who, he confesses, is actually not that big a part of the action. “In this first installment of the Justice League, Commissioner Gordon is not a particularly sizable part,” Simmons said. “We just kind of introduce him and see a little bit of his interactions with Batman — and with most of the Justice League.”

That much was previously revealed in the set visit that members of the press were invited to earlier this year, where they caught a meeting between Gordon, and Batman with the Justice League. Of course, Simmons is a pro and we would hardly expect him to go rogue and start nitpicking the DC experience mere days after leaving it behind, and let’s not forget he has a role in the Ben Affleck-directed Batman movie to think about. Still, it’s nice to now the rehabilitation of Snyder continues as the DC crew is trying to build the buzz back up for their film series again.

Justice League will be in theaters everywhere on November 17, 2017.

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