Jackie Chan… on Wheels

Chan is saying goodbye to action films and hello to Merchant Ivory films…

When Jackie Chan announced — back in May — that he was retiring from action films to become the “Asian Robert De Niro” I spent four days in a dark room surrounded only by a chipped bottle of Boone’s Farm (it was reduced), a bag of pretzels, and a pile of regret about the fact that I had been born too early to witness the full impact of the one they I call “Chan the Man”. Thankfully though, sunshine has been allowed to peek in through the black paint on my windows — the trailer has arrived for Chan’s new $37 million dollar action epic Chinese Zodiac, which is Chan’s 100th film. The actor also wrote, directed, and ostensibly choreographed those sick sick rollerblade moves that you are about to feast your lucky eyes upon.

Synopsis: It’s a Chinese remake of the Seth Green r-blade epic Airborne, right?

Source and far better article than this dreck: The Film Stage

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