The long awaited release of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is almost here, and fans are twitchy with anticipation at what this pseudo-installment of the Alien franchise is going to bring.  While at first the movie was conceived as a prequel to the other Alien films, it has since mutated and taken on a life of its own, so many surprises no doubt lurk on the horizon.

Infinitely famous director James Cameron, who also happened to direct the second film (and some argue the best in the franchise), Aliens, had a few things to say about the upcoming release.  In a brief interview, Cameron touched on his excitement over the release of Prometheus, his own work within the Alien world and a few other projects, past and present.

You can view the less than three minutes right here:



Prometheus is set to release on June 8th and hardcore fans everywhere are already preparing to grab their place in line to be first in the door for midnight screenings.


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