Still riding the high from Saturday’s basically-every-mutant-ever-reunion at FOX‘s Hall H panel (Watch it here!) it only pleases me more to learn Charles Xavier, the younger, James McAvoy will play Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein in – surprise! – FOX’s Frankenstein. I wonder how they came upon such a hot, rising young star?

McAvoy will be joining Daniel Radcliffe, already cast as Igor, for the Paul McGuigan directed adaptation. The nature of this adaptation is still unknown. Will it be farcical, trying to recapture the humor of Young Frankenstein? (Blasphemy!) Or will it try and put an edgier spin on the classic, gothic tale like the unfortunate Van Helsing? Either way, I’m intrigued, if only to see McAvoy and Radcliffe together. And McGuigan is a sublime director, working on pictures like Gangster No. 1 and Lucky Number Slevin as well as several episodes of Sherlock (“A Study in Pink”, “The Great Game”, “A Scandal in Belgravia”, “The Hounds of Baskerville”).

What do you think of McAvoy as Frankenstein? Excited at all about this project? Are we about the inundated with Frankenstein films, what with the upcoming I, Frankenstein and the long rumored Guillermo del Toro adaptation?

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