Justice doesn’t just have a bad side, it has a nutty side too. This August, Suicide Squad will hit theaters and introduce some of Batman’s most iconic villains to the DC Cinematic Universe. In addition to Harley Quinn and Deadshot making their film debuts, it will be the first time in eight years that we’ll see the Joker himelf on the big screen. Academy Award-winner Jared Leto is playing Mr. J this time around, and many are curious as to whether his performance will hold a candle to Heath Ledger’s portrayal in 2008. To get ready for his role in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for about a month, which sounds appropriately crazy to prepare for a role that’s the textbook definition of insane. While Leto hasn’t done anything that drastic, co-star Viola Davis recently revealed that his preparation for the role was far from sane.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Viola Davis discussed how the cast was introduced to Jared Leto. Davis said in dramatic detail:

“He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room, and the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, and then he walked out…And that was our introduction into Jared Leto.”

Davis admitted that while part of her was terrified that Leto was crazy, she also admired his commitment and it inspired her to further dedicate herself to the role of Amanda Waller. She said:

“Now I’m terrified as a person thinking ‘Is he crazy?’ but the second part was ‘Oh shit! I got to have my stuff together.'”

It seems like Leto took the method acting approach early on in the production. He not only got the cast a dead pig, but he went through the trouble of having a henchman do it for him. He certainly does get around.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Jared Leto’s disturbing gifts to fellow Suicide Squad cast members either. Last year, it was revealed that he gave Margot Robbie a black rat to keep as a pet. She still owns it to this day. Davis also described that instance, admiring Leto’s commitment to the role.

“You talk about commitment and then he sends Margot Robbie a black rat. It was still alive in a box. She screamed, and then she kept it.”

Whether or not Leto can come close to Heath Ledger’s performance is still up in the air, but even if he doesn’t, you’ve gotta admit that he did dedicate himself to the role. If he was lounging around the set yelling at his agents to get him some Evian water and fresh strawberries, then there would be a concern.




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